Ticker Tape Parade

Sat Jun 30 19:45:16 IST 2012

Searching for something else

Right, off the bat, if you're looking for photos or other uploads, go here. Digital photos like those of Pangong lake start with DSCN and the cover of Leviathan is here. Unfortunately, the old layout was lost because I was hacked. C'est la vie.

Real index

The idea of the miniblog was to post shorter pieces of information that I might need later, but which don't deserve an entire blog-post. I could have used some sort of diary, but some of the info is also useful to strangers who might stumble on it while searching for similar solutions. Perhaps it helps them do what they want.

The name comes from the idea of somebody discovering a useful bit of info from confetti that was just thrown about in a ticker tape parade. A nice idea, I think.

I have now separated out the blog posts section from the information section. You can go to these by clicking on this link for the blog or this other link for the wiki. That should give you a directory listing arranged alphabetically (I shall probably choose appropriate prefixes for blogposts to have them arranged sequentially in time).

The whole thing is made using Markdoc and so is completely static. The template is modified from one I found on the web. Credit's in the footer. Also, everything under this mini.arjie.com domain that I am legally allowed to license is done so under the CC BY-SA licence.