Encoding video for the Philips DVP-3166

2010-01-31 18:12:21

The Philips DVP-3166 is one of those players that can play stuff off a USB stick. It's also what we have at home. This plays quite a bit of stuff but neither h264 nor theora. You can either use ffmpeg to convert everything into an xvid file using libxvid or use mencoder. I picked the mencoder settings off the internet at the LinuxReviews Video Conversion Wiki and they work just fine without making any changes (except sticking the whole thing in a loop to work on everything in one of my folders)

If you prefer manually using ffmpeg, then you'll have to work out settings yourself but the player doesn't play xvid unless you use cfourcc to change the FourCC code to divx or xvid instead of ffmpeg.

It also seems to have a maximum resolution of 720x480 or so.

I also found some additional information on a blog post about the player.

UPDATE: Post with a script that successfully encodes video for this player here.