Installing Ubuntu from a USB stick on the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3

This is to that you can recover from the message that only says "Boot Error" and no more. The actual answer is on superuser.com over here. However, these things get lost, so I'm duplicating it here.

  1. Download Plop Boot Manager. Get plpbt-x.x.x.zip (where x.x.x is the latest version number).

  2. Extract the .zip file you downloaded. In the folder resulting from the extraction, find plpbt.img.

  3. Unmount your tiny FDD.

  4. Write the file (Plop Boot Manager) to the beginning of your tiny FDD with this: Linux: sudo dd if=plpbt.img of=/dev/sdn Mac: sudo dd if=plpbt.img of=/dev/diskn

Plop actually lets you boot another OS. So if you have just the one drive, then boot Plop first, remove the drive, install Ubuntu on that USB drive using the Universal USB-Installer, place that drive into the same slot and select 'USB' from the Plop menu.

Worked for me.