Installing Apps to the SD Card on the Blade with CyanogenMod 9 ColdFusion X

I have a ZTE Blade. This phone is very well-supported by the development community and is, in general, a great buy for its price. My particular edition is a first generation AMOLED revision, but there are others. To get it to work on Cyanogen Mod 9 Cold Fusion X is something I've wanted to do for a long time. To do this, first you have to convert the partition layout so that there is enough space to install Ice Cream Sandwich.

So, what I did first was I went to Amphoras' Blade TPTs and specifically got the G1-G2 v10 stock TPT and followed the instructions. The G1-G2 means it turns a Generation 1 partition layout (the one my phone comes with) into a Generation 2 layout (it also installs some other things). To find which TPT you should use, install Blade Checker or Ask Mr.Pigfish from the Play Store.

Then I followed the instructions at the CM9 CFX link and installed the ROM and gapps. Now, a long while later, I found that I was running short on space to install applications. That's where Simple2Ext comes in.

I downloaded simple2ext-v5 and flashed it from recovery. After that, I rebooted the phone into the OS. Then I shut down again, took the card out, and made a new partition and formatted it to ext3 with gparted. After booting with this SD card in, S2E picked it up and all was well.

This ROM is great, and the phone is smooth as hell on it. Absolutely brilliant for what started out as a low-end phone.