Saving your geocities page

2009-10-25 15:39:01

Like so many other poor souls, I created a page on Geocities when I was young - an act I have regretted since. It's quite embarrassing really, but it's part of my past, so I went about copying it down to my hard drive since Geocities is closing down tomorrow. Yahoo hasn't provided an easy way for you to get your stuff, so the best way to do it is to:

  1. Download the index page of your public directory.
  2. Delete the index page.
  3. Use wget -r to download everything that it sees in the file listing.

And by the way, my geocities page had a total of 8 visitors until one fateful day when I put it on reddit and it reached a high of 504 visitors. It would've been higher but Yahoo! in their wisdom had chosen to give me 15 MB 4.2 MB of bandwidth per hour or something similar. 504, you hear that! 500 people now know that I have a website where I identified myself as 'Dr. Evil'.

P.S. Did I mention that you can only download 4.2 MB worth of your page at a stretch?